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Rebirth, this is a manga that I found randomly in a comic book store in Worcester, Massachusetts called Thats Entertainment . I picked it up because the first cover I saw was a man with a wolf next to him and I thought that looked promising. Luckily for me I was correct in that assumption and rebirth ended up being a diamond in the rough for me.

Rebirth is a manga written by Lee Kang-woo and published by Daiwon C.I. and it follows the story of a vampire named Deshwitat L. Rudbich. Deshwitat is a vampire that has been around since the medieval era but has been sealed away by his once friend Kalutika. He has been reawakened by blood being spilled onto his ashes that were kept sealed inside a creature of the abyss. He now finds himself much further in time than what he is familiar with and as the story progresses he encounters new "friends" and reunites with some old ones. We also learn more about the vampire society and why Deshwitat and Kalutika are no longer friends, as well as a few romance interests in-between.

This is a manga that I enjoyed thoroughly, however I have not finished it due to the fact that the volumes are very hard to find. I’ve found a few scattered here and there through some comic shops and comic conventions I have been to, and have managed to get most of them. However, with that said Rebirth is defiantly a good read if you enjoy vampire stories and can find the whole series.