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One man's journey and passions

Welcome to the journey

Hello there, my name is Mitchell Beaudry and this website hosts my exploration through Pittsburgh and my passions. I am originally from Massachusetts, then I moved to South Carolina, and now I have moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a career in computers. One quick fact to know about me as well is that my favorite animal is a fox. What you will find on here mostly consists of my exploration of Pittsburgh, the video games I have been playing and characters I have created in them, anime and manga that I have recently watched or read, as well as various attempts at mead I have made and how much success, or how little, I have had with various techniques and recipes of brewing. Want to join me on this journey? Click either a link on the left or an image down below to get started!

Pittsburgh Skyline Nintendo 64 controller Two manga books, one ontop of the other Taps for alcoholic beverages