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How I brew my mead

Equipment Needed

Step 1.

Sanitize all equipment to be used in the step you are performing.

Step 2.

Pour one pound of honey in for every 64 fl. oz of mead you are making. You can add extra honey if you want your mead to be even sweeter. Fill the rest of the 64 fl. oz container (I specifically use growlers) you are using with warm water.

Step 3.

Crush and dissolve 1/2 of a campden tablet into the mixture of honey and water.

Step 4.

Fill airlock with water then plug in the stopper and airlock.

Step 5.

Wait 36 hours.

Step 6.

Pour half a yeast packet into the mixture after following all instructions on your yeast packet to be able to safely pitch the yeast for every 64 fl. oz of mead you are making. Seal your container with a cap. Shake the container until satisfied with the mixture. Unseal your container and put your airlock and stopper back on.

Step 7.

Store your mead in a dark area for ten days(a closet works great).

Step 8.

After 10 days siphon mead into another container and make sure not to get any of the dead yeast into the new container. To make sure you do not get any dead yeast into the new container you can hold the siphon tube about an inch or two above the bottom of the container. Once the mead is siphoned into the new container you can add any flavoring to the mead that you want to now(For example: strawberries, lemons, limes, blueberries, etc.).

Step 9.

Put the stopper and airlock back on your container and wait another three weeks. Make sure your container is back in a dark area(A closet works great).

Step 10.

Your mead is done! Relax and enjoy, however remember mead gets better the longer you let it age.