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McDonald's is one of those fast food restaurants that you see everywhere and has been a staple in my life whenever I needed quick food, sometimes I just get a craving for a big mac and want that over any other food. However, one day after going to the river casino I decided to go to the McDonald's on 801 Allegheny Ave. for some food before heading back home. Now this might be normal in Pittsburgh but in South Carolina I have never seen this in a McDonald's, it is a machine that you can place your order at. This machine made my ordering process so simple and quick that I wish every McDonalds I went to had one. With that said this McDonalds was also kept very clean and had a nice layout. The staff while I was there were very pleasant and attentive answering any questions I had, and my food was delivered extremely quickly. Overall, I had a very good experience and defiantly see myself coming back here.

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