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No. 1 Sushi

I discovered this restaurant as part of my exploration to the downtown part of Pittsburgh. It’s in a nice little square part of the town and is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. However, if you enjoy sushi and do miss it that would be a shame. When I went in it was a nice cozy little restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere. I will say that there is not a lot of seating at this restaurant, so you better hope it’s not busy when you go there. The staff was extremely nice and polite the moment I went in. The menu was nicely displayed on both their counter and wall and the drinks were displayed on the sides of the counter. The sushi was excellent, and a good portion was served, the employee delivering my food was extremely nice and polite. The price was what you would expect for sushi and with all that said I will definitely be going back there again.