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Skyrim, this is a game that is still going strong today and I can't say enough good things about it. This was my first game into the elder scrolls series and I have put way too many hours into it. It’s a game that I heard about in high school from a few of my classmates but brushed it aside thinking it was just another average medieval fantasy game with some dragons in it. It wasn't until my sister offered to split the game's cost fifty fifty that I decided to play it. My sister played it for one night, and I played it for more time than I can count and was immediately hooked on it.

There is so much to say about this game but the main thing that keeps me going on it is the amount of freedom it gives you. There are an enormous amount of ways you can create a character, it is an open world game so you can go anywhere, and you are not shoved into the main questline and can do whatever you want (I’m looking at you, fallout 4). The lore in the game has been built on for years ever since the first one, Elder scrolls arena, so there is a lot to read up on. I have found myself at night a few times drinking a cup of tea while just reading the lore books I have found in my journey's through tamriel. There will be much more on this game in the future, including a few character’s tales that I create, but just know that I cannot praise this game enough and this is my favorite game of all time.